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We sell Web Hosting Servers at Very Cheap Price. The Customers can get Hosting at affordable price.

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We rent high performance servers from trusted hosting companies & sell them at cheap price.

We only rent servers that are 100% Uptime guarantee. This will help your website to improve user experience & your users will love your website on our services.

We are also planning to rent cloud servers like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS & Digital Ocean. So our customers can get more high performance server at very cheap price.

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We Partenship With Hosting Companies

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We rent dedicated servers at very high price from those companies.


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We setup our own pricing, cPanel & other things for our happy clients. 


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After everything we sell hosting to many clients from that dedicated server. This is why we sell at cheap price.

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Our Own Server

30-Days Refund Policy

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Per Month

HostGator Cloud Server

30-Days Refund Policy

Free 1 Domain

Free SSL

Unlimited Storage

3 domains

50 sub domains

A2 Hosting


Per Month

A2 Hosting Turbo Server

30-Days Refund Policy

Free 1 Domain

Free SSL

20GB Storage

5 domains

30 sub domains

Inmotion Hosting


Per Month

Inmotin Shared Server

30-Days Refund Policy

Free 1 Domain

Free SSL

Unlimited Storage

2 domains

20 sub domains

Google Cloud

Comming Soon

Google Cloud Server

7-Days Refund Policy

No Domain

Free SSL

5G Storage



Digital Ocean

Comming Soon

Per Month

Digital Ocean Server

7-Days Refund Policy

No Domain

Free SSL

5GB Storage



Currently We Have 3 Third Party Servers Available

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Before, the uptime performance in HostGator had been an issue for so many years, but you should not worry about it for the 16 months of tracking. We can say that they are not having any more problems with their uptime performance.

Pros of Using HostGator Shared

In addition to its advantages, they do have a friendly customer service and fast at the same time. HostGator will also assist you in moving your site to their service without you worrying it to be costly because it is totally free. And you, as a beginner, will like their way of assisting you with their intuitive options directing their way for you.

To give you a quick summary of the advantages of HostGator as a website builder service provider, here are some of them on the list.

  1. Their Uptime Performance is 99.98% and is very strong

With 16 months of tracking the performance of HostGator, it has posted a 99.98% uptime performance. This is probably because of what they have experienced, a bad month back in December 2017. They come up with a solution, and since that happened, they have been almost flawless, having between 99.99%-100% uptime performance.

The best part on HostGator is that you get assured that they are consistent with their uptime performance, and this is because they guarantee their customers will get one month of credit on their account if their uptime performance drops 99.9%.

  1. Good Support

They offer one of the best customer services. They actually support Live Chat experience where they can totally give support and assistance to their customers. They also provide support through phone and email and usually connect you to a service for about a minimum of 15 seconds.

  1. 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

When it comes to confidence, you can be ensured that HostGator is so confident with their service. They have this 45-day money-back guarantee in which, if there are any problems that will pop up, they will have to return you money. But you should notice that they do not bring back your money through a check, money order, Western Union payment, or bank wire transfers. You could just refund your money by making new plans or accounts.

  1. Site Security Features Available

They are also advance when it comes to security features. They offer thus Sitelock monitoring in which this will run every day checking if there are any potential hacks that may attack your account, and if they have found any, they will let you know right away. Spam Assassin is also being offered by HostGator, where it will prevent your inbox from spam messages. Only that, SiteLock monitoring will be going to be a little bit costly since it will cost you extra.

  1. Very User-Friendly for Beginners

If you are a beginner when it comes to blogging or webmasters, this is the perfect site for you. HostGator has been identified as a very user-friendly for beginners for a reason. This is because they provide a lot of tutorials and many features that will guide its users, especially those who are beginners.

 Cons of Using HostGator Shared

Unfortunately, despite those pros mentioned above, there are also a lot of cons about HostGator. Here are some of them on the list.

  1. Slow Page Speed (Over 1 Second to Load)

Upon 16 months of observing, HostGator’s average page speed has been tracked to be so slow. They have an average speed which results in about 1007ms. It is not an ideal thing to get through if you are planning to put thousands of words with this page. This may just cause the pages to run even slower.

  1. Lots of Extra Fees

HostGator could be one of the websites which offer the cheapest introductory price, but as time goes on it offers a lot of additional fees. Just like what have been said on its pros, it offers SiteLock monitoring which prevents your site from getting hacked. But upon having this sitelock, you will get to have to pay an extra for this feature. Not only that, prepare yourself for a lot of additional fees on this site provider.

A2 Hosting

This hosting company was founded way back in 2011. Their original name was Iniquinet but, after a lot of years in the business, they decided to change their company to A2 Hosting. Their name in from the name of its owner’s hometown, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

 Like other Website service providers, here are some of the list of pros about A2 Hosting.

  1. A2 Hosting Is fast

When you are to talk about speed, it is everything especially when you are to talk about online business. Users or customers rather want a website with a much higher speed. Google recommends a website with at least 200ms, take note of how slow HostGator is for having 1007ms as a page speed. Speed is essential since customers may get bored at a very slow speed page and might get bored, which may give them a reason to find another faster site to hop on. If you cannot imagine fast A2 Hosting is, it is 20 times faster than any regular sites when you avail of their secret weapon, A2 Hosting turbo plan.  Also, as an additional experiment, we have been tested that their swift site loads in 1.066 seconds while their turbo plan was able to load a site in about 0.981 seconds. By just that amount of speed, imagine what you can do with this site provider, a lot of customers will surely get satisfied with this speed!

  1. Fast Loading with SSD Storage

Through SSD storage, the A2 Hosting site was able to load sites faster than regular sites. You may be thinking that this is not a big deal. But to inform you, if you do not have any knowledge about what speed can bring you, according to research, if a site is slowed by just one second, it may happen that it may lose customer retention. And the worst part of this is this could be the reason for having a massive loss of sales. Also, you will happen to see their 20 times faster loading site especially when you are about to view a page with thousands of words and a lot of images.

  1. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

A2 Hosting, just like with other website service providers, offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. But what makes it more attractive in A2 Hosting is that when there are any issues or equipment failure, they will provide you with 5% of the amount you paid as a service credit.

All website providers also have their cons because there is no website provider, which is absolutely flawless, and here are some of them.

Their Live Chat Support is good when it comes to how friendly they are. You can say that they are helpful and patient. But when you are in a hurry, you might get frustrated because of their long waiting queue time. In other words, their support is very fruitful but it might take you a very long time just to get the support that you need. But this can be addressed if they hire more support staff to help in responding to a lot of customers asking for support. Price of A2 hosting is little bit higher compared to other providers.

Inmotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is the most familiar website builder provider. This could be very familiar to you, you probably have heard about this website provider, although you have not yet made use of it. They are also one of the oldest website providers in the industry. That is why they are trying their best just to be number one in transfers, support and the whole industry.

But one of the cons that this website provider has is that it neglects the things that made them successful. As a personal opinion, you should take care and maintain the things that made you successful, do not just neglect these things. But let us not get too rushed and let us present you first the pros of using InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Hosting is best in three things, and these things are uptime, support and speed.

  1. Average Uptime of 99.95%

We observed this website provider for about 1 and ⅓ years, and upon doing so, you will be surprised that their average uptime speed reaches approximately 99.95%, not bad compared to other website providers.

  1. Offers the best Customer Support

Claiming that they offer the best customer support is a very brave action. But InMotion Hosting proved that they really do. If you happen to try their customer support, you will be surprised by the results because they are all positive.

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